Welcome to billkeezer.net!

This is a perpetually under construction home page for this domain which will contain all the blogs and any other content that I wish to share with the world.  As my skills increase in creating pages and the number of blogs increases, there will be changes. 


Today is May 26, 2014.  One year after creating the basic structure of this domain I have completed the migration of all my blog content from the previous Blogger blog to Billkeezer.net.  I have completel edited the archival content from the old Bill's comments into the six blogs on the right.  Along the way I removed a lot of dead links, and links to content that was not mine.  The internal links are broken, but I have categorized all posts with a few exceptions in Bill's Comments General Archives.  Over time I will also archive the new posts from the current Bill's Comments.  I consider this a major milestone. 

Today is May 26, 2013, and I have completed a set of major additions to this domain.  I now have the blog structure that I intend to use for the foreseeable future.   The sidebar contains links to two main blogs and five archives.  The main blog, "Bill's Comments" will have all my future posts.  The second blog "Fisking The Christian Delusion." is a static blog which contains the twenty-one essays I wrote deconstructing The Christian Delusion.  The five archival blogs are pretty much self-descriptive.  I will commence creating content for those blogs from the essays I wish to save from the old Blogger blogs.  After that, they will contain additions from my main blog, that I wish to archive for possible future use.